DSLR Camera Information

Today many enthusiasts just talk about their DSLR and we know that’s the high end of photographic hardware, namely the camera body. Photographers jargon is packed with these esoteric descriptions which enhance the photographers unique language. The D of Dslr simply means Digital. So, back in the film days the professional, semi-professional and high end user had an SLR. My first slr was a Richo. I swiftly moved on to a Canon T90 and have been hooked ever since. Camera manufacturers love jargon and elite sounding names that sometimes seem more akin to a fast car. Where there are often healthy doses of “X” and “Z” and lately the “i” is splashed everywhere. Don’t get sucked in..

There is much written and spoken about a Dslr and it’s many attributes so I won’t repeat it all again. Just read this article of a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.

At this site I will provide small helpful articles on what to look for in camera bodies, lenses, on camera flash, support, external flash both Mono-block and Strobes, photographic techniques and a vast array of accessories.

I will add my thoughts on how and when to use the products I discuss to help photographers make a considered choice.

To get started, as a professional photographer of a number of years I see the novice, enthusiast and professional wannabee jump on the merry go round at their financial cost. By that I mean their photography is over taken with this insatiable lust for technology. The camera body used in most situations will produce the same image when you give a client a 20″ print framed or otherwise. Doesn’t matter if its Canon 1Dx or a 60D, just look at the price difference! What matters more is the “GLASS” in front of it.

If I were given the choice to have a pro body that costs more than a small car or put most of my budget on a great lens and have an old body like a Canon 1dmkII N, which I mainly use now, then the lens comes first, always. For the last 10 years I have never bought a new camera body. I have, when the time is right, upgraded to a body with a big improvement.

Of course their are people who want to shoot low light images on their F4-F5.6 zoom and want an image with the least noise as possible. Their are early adopters of technology who may well write about it and there are rich people.

There you see, I got myself on my soap box again. The digital box of tricks is just a tool, a tactic in your photography business not a strategy. So consider what you will get out of a big financial purchase of a body over a great lens and what is going to improve your photographic images to stand out more.

Knowing what each part of your photographic kit can achieve is important so try to do as much research as possible before you make a purchase. Hopefully this site will provide you with little snippets of information to help you on your way in the world of DSLR photography